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When a distributor or end user is looking at the cost of absorbents, we suggest to them to look at the whole process from “cradle to grave.”  This means not only the initial cost of the product, but also the amount of product needed to clean up the spill, the labor involved, and the disposal costs. 
Organic type Absorbent products are more efficient, as less volume is required to complete a clean up task than when using synthetic (polypropylene) or mineral (clay) based products.  The Instant Absorption of spilled liquids results in a fast recovery from a Spill, with less labor hours spent on the job.  Environmentally acceptable disposal options include direct burial, incineration, and bioremediation; depending on the liquid absorbed and local regulations.   

Environmentally Friendly Products

recycleMade from 100% virgin cellulose fiber reclaimed from the pulp and paper manufacturing process, Absorbent products act on liquid spills instantly, absorbing by capillary action which locks wastes into fibrous cores where they can not leach out.  Available in two distinct lines, Absorbent GP and Absorbent W are designed for your specific clean-up needs.
Absorbent GP is for general purpose use where all types of liquids are to be absorbed and removed.  This includes spills resulting from transportation accidents, decontamination centers, and waste solidification.
Absorbent W instantly absorbs hydrocarbons while repelling water.  This makes it ideal for marine and wetlands environment, removing oil from water, cleaning shorelines, storm water filtration, and oil sheen removal.
Both Absorbent GP and Absorbent W are available in socks, booms, pillows, pads and loose particulate.  There are Emergency Spill Kits sized to suit every need and application.