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Spill-Sorb contains, controls, and picks up unwanted liquid spills, and remove sheen from floors, work surfaces, driveways, etc.  Spill-Sorb is made from 100% reclaimed cellulose fiber and absorbs liquids ranging from oil and solvents to water and non-aggressive chemicals on contact.

Through capillary action, the absorbed liquid is locked into the cellulose fiber, preventing leaching and handling problems common with clay and diatomaceous earth (DE).  Our cellulose fibers contain no respirable crystalline silica dust ( a known cause of silicosis and a probable carcinogen) which is common with most mineral sorbents.  The superior performance of Spill-Sorb makes it ideal for the consumer, commercial and industrial user.

Spill-Sorb is the preferred alternative to clay and diatomaceous earth!