What our customers have to say.....


Customer Letter: using our products for bald eagle rehabilitation during the Exxon Valdez oil spill

Customer Letter: using our bedding products for injured wildlife care

"The run-off was virtually oil-free after passing through the Absorbent W." D.C. G., oil clean up contractor at the U.S. Naval Submarine Base

"I have to say your Absorbent W material is the best method I have seen to get the job done. We saved a lot of money in the final disposition of the hazardous materials." Art C., Harbor Manager, Port of Bellingham

"It's just too easy to use - anyway you look at it, its great stuff." Harry R., Battalion Chief for the Bellingham Fire Department

"Absorbent GP preformed extremely well and offered specific advantages...a 66% increase in usefulness and translates into significant cost reductions." Joseph K. Ph.D., Veterinary Clinical Resources, Elgin, Texas

"Absorbency properties were good and the material was resistant to sinking." Roby B., EXXON Research and Development Laboratories

"I believe your Absorbent product to be the absolute best of any I have tested to absorb oil off of water. Your product outperformed the others 10 to 1." James S. D.V.M., veterinarian working on EXXON Valdez oil spill

"We continue to develop cost savings uses for your absorbents and are quite pleased with the performance." Michael J. Technical Manager, Envirotech

"Spill-Dri has proven to be very efficient and cost effective. I highly recommend it." Jeff G., Duffy Aurora Nissan Inc.