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Spill-Dri contains, controls and picks up unwanted liquid spills, and removes sheen from floors, work surfaces, driveways, etc.  Spill-Dri is made from 100% reclaim natural cellulose fiber and absorbs liquids ranging from oil and solvents to water and non-aggressive chemicals on contact.

Through capillary action, the absorbed liquid is locked into the cellulose fiber, preventing leaching and handling problems common with clay and diatomaceous earth (DE).  Our virgin cellulose fibers contain no silica dust (a known cause of silicosis and a probable carcinogen) which is common with mineral sorbents.  The superior performance of Spill-Dri makes it ideal for the consumer, commercial and industrial users.

Spill-Dri is the preferred alternative to clay and diatomaceous earth!

Competitive advantages of Spill-Dri particulate over polypropylene and clay absorbents:
One Step cleanup—eliminates sheen off floor surfaces
Absorbs liquids within fibers vs. adsorbing liquids on fibers exterior only
Absorbs up to 2-3 times more volume than polypropylene absorbents, minimizes waste
Absorbs up to 7 times more volume than polypropylene sorbents
Absorbs all liquids except strong inorganic acids and caustics
One 50-quart bag of Spill-Dri is equivalent to one 50 pound bag of clay in volume of liquid absorbed
No free silica—prevents health problems (silicosis) associated with clay and diatomaceous earth
Non-abrasive—prolongs life of machinery
Works in all temperatures, sub-freezing to hot
100% organic—environmentally friendly
Increases options for disposal
Landfill—passes and exceeds Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Paint Filter Test—won’t leach/drain even under compression, eliminates free liquid problems
Incinerable at low temperatures (industrial boilers, etc.)
Bioremediation—will break down to natural organic elements with use of microbial enzyme action
Environmentally responsible from origin to disposal
Spill-Dri—is the preferred alternative to clay and diatomaceous earth!

Available in two sizes